KÄSI means HAND in Finnish.

Touch, labour, connection, love.

Käsi Farm

Käsi provides ways for people to live more in tune with the seasons and more in touch with the Earth and the light within. By focusing on simplicity, well-being, and daily life skills, we hope to build an engaged community, rich with connection and deep relationship to place. Käsi hopes to grow peace in the world by fostering peace-loving practices in the home.

After many years of developing intentional living practices in an urban context, we have brought our skills and experience to the northern forest to cultivate a lifestyle connected to the land and its many gifts.We are located in zone 5a near the 45th parallel (halfway between the north pole and the equator). We live on land belonging to the Odawa, at the edge of a forest of Maple, Beech, Hemlock, and Cedar. We welcome you! 



Erika is an accredited herbalist, small business owner, mother of two daughters, homeschool teacher, and prolific knitter. She has over twenty years of experience in health and nutrition, from cooking to plant medicine. She has been teaching her daughters at home in the Waldorf tradition for seven years, and is now weaving all of those threads into her biodynamic farm in Northern Michigan. 



Adam is a homesteader, artist, baker, and handyman. He was formerly a tenured professor of studio art, actively exhibiting and publishing in the field, with a twenty five year parallel career in restaurants and hospitality. He loves to find ways to combine these varied practices, in works of art, works of prose, and the working of doughs.  


Our daughters

Our girls can usually be found playing or listening to music, involved in the world of the dollhouse or in another world of imaginative play, or taking care of our companion animals. They both love books on many levels, from reading to making them. They both shine when it comes to handwork, drawing, and singing.

Käsi  Farm

Cultivate seasonal practices.

In the kitchen, garden, homeschool room, or studio, we help you to create from the heart as you connect more deeply to your time and place.


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